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The swarm – Parcours des fées

This year, 10 artists are engaging for the artistic and human values of the Parcours des Fées with their ephemeral installations, which take place from July to September along a hiking trail in the valley of Crévoux in the French Alps: Didier Duyats, Nicolas Winz, Cindy Lelaurin, Claudine Meyer, Seb Preschoux, Martina Büttner, Marie Loiseau, Didier Ferment, Trenca Rocs and Carole Jung. For the „Parcours des fées 2010“, Martina Büttner is designing an outdoor installation for the first time. For the valley of Crévoux she is inventing a whole swarm of birds, which has settled here and there along the 8km long path or crosses the forests. In this way, the visitors‘ eyes are reoriented and the installation makes something visible which can rarely be observed.

View the installation „The swarm“ at parcours des Fées 2010

Parcours des fées, Vallée de Crévoux, France
2010, July 1st to September 30th

EKLEKTIKBeijing International Art Biennale 2010