Stadt Land Fluss 2010

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stadt land fluss – from south to north

Stadt Land Fluss – view from south to north

stadt land fluss – the Alpes and Russia

Stadt Land Fluss – Italy, the Alpes and Russia

stadt land fluss – indien ocean

Stadt Land Fluss – indien ocean

stadt land fluss – from america to china

Stadt Land Fluss – from America over Russia to China

stadt land fluss – from southwest to northeast

Stadt Land Fluss – from southwest to northeast

stadt land fluss – Detroit

Stadt Land Fluss – from London to Detroit

stadt land fluss – from electricity and automobiles

Stadt Land Fluss – America – electricity and automobiles

stadt land fluss – California

Stadt Land Fluss – California – near the mexican border

stadt land fluss – the time

Stadt Land Fluss – and the time goes on

stadt land fluss – overview

Stadt Land Fluss – overview

Stadt Land Fluss

My outdoor installation „Stadt Land Fluss“ was inspired by the first part of a book written by french author Jacques Attali „A brief history of the future“. In his text, Jacques Attali retraces human history from the middle ages until today. He describes in which way the center of the world, in successive eras, has been determined by economically important inventions and how it has moved from one place to another: Venice by the invention of the caravel, Antwerp with printing, Genoa with accounting until these days with Los Angeles and the invention of the microchip. My idea was to rebuild or trace this history with toys in a sandbox./span>


Arts Center of Antony (France)


April – june 2010
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