Le cheval blanc d’Henri IV

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Le cheval blanc d’Henri IV

It is a question that one likes to ask children: „What is the colour of Henri IV’s white horse?“ In fact, nobody has ever seen Henri IV’s horse. The exhibition turns around the question if what you see is what you get. If what you see this what you believe to see. About the frontside and the backside of an artwork, the canvases of a meaning. About illusion, about phantasm.

The exhibition „Le cheval blanc d’Henri IV“ du collectif ZEKENZ will present works of the artists Martina Büttner, Pierre Daugy, Jean-Louis Hélard, Jacques Maîtrot, Nicolas Prudhommeaux and Jérôme Touron at contemporary art space Eugène Beaudoin in Antony from March 24th to April 29th 2012, opened Friday to Sunday from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Centre d’art contemporain Eugène Beaudoin, Antony, France
2012, March 24th to April 29th

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