Double détente

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Double détente

Centre d’art contemporain Eugène Beaudoin, Antony, France
2009, Mai 14th to June 7th

The collectif ZEKENZ presents its new group exhibition „Double détente“ at contemporary art space Eugène Beaudoin in Antony. The visitor finds works from the artists Martina Büttner (painting and installation), Valéria Capitano (installation), Jean-Louis Hélard (video works), Jacques Maîtrot (installation), Patrick Dekayser (video works), Pauline Vachon (sculpture and photo) et Christophe Macé (installation) from Mai 14th to June 79th 2009. The exhibition space is ´ opened Friday to Sunday from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Exhibition views

Martina Büttner installation view meeting 200828eme sens